Brick as a garage floor???


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Brick as a garage floor???

Bought a house and it came with an old barn/garage with a dirt floor. structure is about 20' by 30'.

Looked into having a concrete floor poured into it but can't really afford to have it done at this time. (Can't really afford even just the concrete to do it myself at this time either.)

Found out that the neighboring farm is knocking down an old brick farmhouse. They said that I could have all the brick I want.

I've done a few brick patio areas and walkways with great success, but it occured to me that pulling the cars in and out of the barn on a regular basis might really create tire ruts in the finished floor. How should I compact the substrate and what sort of substrate should I use? (Sand or Pea Gravel)

I figure that if I divide the floor up into different sections with pressure treated lumber or some other type of divider, any problems that I do encounter later on might be able to be fixed by only removing and redoing a small section of the floor instead of the whole thing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I would really like to only do this project one time this decade.

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Dry Laid Brick Garage Floor

"For residential walks, patios, and driveways with light traffic, use a 4-inch-thick gravel or crushed stone base topped by a 2-inch sand setting bed." Installing a Dry-Laid Brick Walkway. Retrieved 29 May 2002.
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Thanks for the info.

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