Brick wall leaks


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Question Brick wall leaks

I have an in-ground basement made of brick (built 1904). I am getting water leaks in the wall. What should I do to fix this? Dig the wall out and patch/seal it? Or, do I *gasp* have to replace the wall?
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when the original walls were built, it would have had a waterproof membrane seperating the earth from the basement wall, the method is called tanking, your barrier has worn away, and i suspect may have softened the brickwork, in some places, if it is extensive and left as is it can be serious, you dont say how bad it is, most basement walls are load bearing, so i suggest as a precaution you inspect the area directly above the leaking wall if abnormal movement is indicated cracks at wall and ceiling joins, doors not closing as they should, does the leak stop at any time, and increase after or during rainfall, a bit more info is needed, is the water definateley coming through the wall, or running down it, is the basement well ventilated, (condensation) if in the end you do replace the wall, use support and use the same bond and wall thickness used in the original construction, headers are stronger than stretchers, but be warned this is not a job for your average diy'er, pennies saved now could cost many pounds later, er are you insured,

you may be lucky and have bad condensation, or the wall may be a dividng basement wall, also some can be repaired from the exterior by digging from the outside, cheaper and easier, but from your brief description, i dont think so. gl.


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Leaking brick basement walls
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Go to Menards etc... and get hydraulic Concrete and put it on all of the areas that are leaking. Then, cover the entire wall with Quickwall by Quikrete.

Then, go over everything with Drylok Masonry Waterproofer. It would be real surprising if it still leaked after all of this.


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