Building a Flagstone Sidewalk


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Cool Building a Flagstone Sidewalk

I am a beginner is this area, and looking to challenge myself with building a flagstone sidewalk in my front yard from the porch to the street (about 40') and looking for suggestions as to how to build this so that it will withstand the rigors of New England weather.
I am starting from scratch (literally and figuratively), and interested in knowing what the best foundation to be used underneath the flagstone, how best to install the foundation, the types of materials to be used, the best way to create a border for the walkway, the types of materials to be used to set the flagstone on the foundation, and the best way to cut the stone to size.
I will also have to install about two 4" steps in the middle of the walkway.
Any suggestions are welcome! If you are aware of any good "how to" manuals/books/websites, I would also appreciate the titles/addresses of those.
Many thanks!
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I'll give you a basic idea of how it should work and what tools you'll need.Start by marking out your area with string and stakes,then dig your base out-if your in new england then you'll want a minimum of an 8 inch base of process stone dust,compacted well,then you must dig that much more to allow for the thickness of your flagstone.Total base depth should be about 12-15 inches,depending on the thickness of your stones.Add stone dust and compact in 4 inch layers,spraying water on each layer before tamping.Tools you'll need are:Long handle sledge hammer,three pound hand sledge hammer,brick hammer,assorted chisels and a trowel comes in handy for adding dust where needed just before setting a stone.If you want to get into cutting,stay away from small saws and abrasive blades-this stuff is tough and will probably burn up any circular saw and abrasive blade in no time.If you can swing it,rent a cutoff saw and diamond blade-only if your dead set on getting into cutting,otherwise stick with hammers and chisels.Hope this helps.
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Thanks for your reply!
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