ugly concrete pool apron

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ugly concrete pool apron

I have an ugly concrete pool apron. I would like to make it more appealing to look at. The pool rim is half inch above the apron so that's all I have to work with. Any ideas??

Note: I live in New England
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Material- You can use Brick. Paving stones, Natural rock, Pebble or a nonslip tile on the 300mm wide type edge.
You can use the same finish material or texture as the surrounding paths either on a raised or flat 300mm edge but always leave an expansion gap of 10mm between the pool shell & the surround.
You can pour a deck right over the edge of the pool so that there is no joint showing on the horizontal, the main consideration for this is to look like a bigger area & have cleaner lines.

copied the above info from web address below:
they refer to the area as pool surrounds
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Found this on
The present floor of this patio is colonial brick and pebblestone. Tile expert George Chister lays a tile floor over it to give it a totally different look. Here are the steps he followed:
1. Dry-fit a few tiles and use them as a guide to mark a chalk line for placement. Remove the tiles.
2. Mix Thin-Set and water and use a toothed trowel to spread it as far as you can reach.
3. Butt the first tile against the chalk line and tap it with your hand or a rubber mallet to set it in place.
4. Repeat with the rest of the tiles, inserting spacers between tiles as you go.
5. Let the Thin-Set dry for 24 hours, then remove the spacers.
6. Clean the tile to remove dust and excess Thin-Set.
7. Using a flexible grout float, apply grout to the surface, pushing it hard into the grooves between the tiles.
8. With a damp sponge, wash off the excess grout (work on the diagonal and don't press hard into the grooves--you don't want to remove the grout in them).
9. Let the grout dry at least two hours, then seal with tile sealant and a sponge brush.
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Look into the new polymer overlays that have been coming onto the market in the last few years. Do a web search on concrete overlays and you will find many examples of the product and its uses. Try for product description and photos. Your situation sounds ideal for this application, have fun, Nucman

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