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Advertising forbidden

Advertising is forbidden in the forums.

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And I thought this would be an interesting post. How about I make it interesting.

Generally the best place to find a cheap car is local ads (internet/paper/nickel ads). Many times there will be a $1000 and under" section. If you live in a larger metro area, may have a ton of ads local to you. and are other resources. Stay away from dealers at all costs.

I would recommend looking for an older Japanese car with high miles. A compact like a Civic or a Tercel will get you the best value for your dollar. If you live in the rust belt, you can often find an ugly rusty car that run well for cheap.

To make sure you aren't getting ripped off, try to find other ads for the same type of car you are looking at. Go to and look at the Private Party Value of the vehicle you are shopping for. With really cheap cars, often prices will vary dramaticly.

Time is your friend. The more time (days) you can spend looking in the paper for a good deal, the better chance you will have of finding one.

Bring a friend with you on the test drive. This is for your safety, and it always helps to have an extra set of eyes and a second opinion.

When it comes time to buy, if you are uncomforatble with negotiating, try to bring someone with you to do that for you. If that is not possible, I would recommend bringing copies of the research you've done to show the seller why you think the proce is reasonable. Be willing to walk away.

Do not buy a car without a clear title. Make sure you are buying the car from the person listed on the title. If you live in an area with smog checks, you may want to make sure the vehicle will pass before buying.
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This is fine use - original post was not

The original post linked top a site putting spyware on a computer, Also could install viruses etc. Deleted

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I figured as much, but thought that info could be useful anyway.
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The original post linked top a site putting spyware on a computer, Also could install viruses etc. Deleted


Listen don't try to justify the fact that you are basically depriving people of information that could potentially save them a ton of money there was and is no spyware only good clean HOnest stories of people who have been lucky enough to read the information.

"Every day thousands of Americans default on their car loans or lease payments... as a result, their new or almost new cars

get repossessed by the financial institutions and auctioned off in a hurry, because the cost of storing the cars outweighs

the banks' ability to try to make the lost money back (same with police auctions, etc.). Consequently, lucky people who have

access to direct sources where the cars are being sold would find themselves overwhelmed by dirt-cheap offers that look

unbelievable to the average car buyer. This is real and is being taken advantage of by many car dealers.
send me email to my personal account and i will give you the link
[email protected]

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Advertising is forbidden.

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I would recommend no one go to that link. Whether it's unsolicited advertising or spam or a scam or contains spyware, you don't want it.

If you're interested in car buying concept he is talking about, just find your local auto auctions. Talk to a tow truck service, they can probably get you in touch with a local car auction.
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not only was it spyware, it turned off my "X" button on the top right of my computer.

that's a good way to get your message across
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Thanks Gents

For posting the warnings. Much appreciated.

Several complaints about this member and the links provided by the member. As well as verifications of the links and their intended purposes. Thanks again.

As a result...this member has been banned from the web site. My patience has been pushed to it's limits.

Word of caution:
Be sure links provided by most but certainly and thankfully not all new members, is verified to be safe to use before clicking on them. Click at your own risk.

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