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Best time to buy a car??

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03-30-04, 01:13 PM   #1  
Best time to buy a car??

Just wondering if any of you new car buyers/former car salesfolks have any insight to when is the best time to go buy a new car/truck. In other words, ignoring standing inventory, backorders, spifs, factory incentives, rebates, etc, when are dealers most willing/desperate to negotiate and sell something?

weekdays? end of the month? end of calendar quarter? national holidays? Thanksgiving Day late afternoon? rainy/bad weather days? Is the last day of the month meaningful? some end their commission period earlier.


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03-31-04, 12:56 AM   #2  
I would have to say end of the day on a rainy/snowy day would be your best bet. Hem and haw till you got them there nice and late. They will likely either get mad and show you the door, or cave in some and possibly work on the price.

Defanitly have checked the car out in during the day. Never buy a car you haven't seen in decent light. Also, don't do dealer financing after hours. They can "manipulate" the paperwork.

We got slightly burned when we bought a car late on Sunday, and they called back Monday to tell us there was a problem with the financing and the interest rate or something needed to change. I went ballistic and got what I wanted, but it was definitely a hassle.

Often you just have to get lucky to want a car they want to get rid of.

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03-31-04, 06:39 AM   #3  
Hello: A Lung

In my opinion and dealing with an aquaintance whom owns a new car dealership, best time is end of year clearances and year ending major holidays.

Slower times for dealers are the year ending major holidays. Year end model clearances prices drop to clear inventories.

In your area, shop the huge auto malls. The competition is higher to sell.

Magic phrase to mention: "I am going to compare prices and values with your competitors." Chances are that dealer will not want to let you walk off their property.

Your next magic phrase should than be: "Make me an offer I cannot refuse." The tables than turn in your favor. Most likely but not assuredly. But it does help.

Another method that often works, at least for me it has, is to call ahead knowing what you want or are willing to buy that may have come back to dealer from a prior sale.

The vehicle could not be financed by the pending buyer. So it got called back in by the dealer. State DMV considered it sold. Dealer than has to sale vehicle as a used vehicle.

They take the first years lost hit devaluation, you save and they move it off their lot a vehicle lot quickly. You can save thousands, do them a favor and not pay more than 6% over costs.

That's a win-win for you and for them. Best most likely possible deal. But you must be willing (flexible) to compromise on a few items and or colors, etc.

It's what you want closely and what they have in a model you want that is returned but not exactly waht you may want in every detail.

Works for me every time. May work for you and others.

Regards & Good Luck
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04-15-04, 05:05 PM   #4  
The best time to negotiate a car purchase is BY FAR the end of the month. These guys have numbers and quotas to meet and will do about anything to get their numbers up in the last hours of the month, regardless of what you are buying. Obviously, some models have better timing than others, like leftover model year, oddballs and excess inventory but the end of the month spells desperation, especially in slow times.

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09-09-04, 06:05 AM   #5  
well at the end of the month, if there is a car that has been there for a long time and no one has purchased it then thats the car to go after.

summer is the worst time to buy as that when there is the most customes.
dont buy cars during holidays and weekends. Apart from the rest of time u have a shout

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09-18-04, 08:02 PM   #6  
best time

The Absolute Best Time To Buy A Car Is The Last Day Of October When The Dealer Is No Longer Getting Floorplan Assistance On The Previous Model Year (interest Payment). I Manage A New Car Dealership And I Am Most Likely To Almost Give A Car Away On The Last Day Of The Month.in The End Of The Day Where One More Unit Is The Difference Between A Bonus Or No Bonus
Hope This Helps

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09-19-04, 01:32 AM   #7  
What's with all the capitals? I think there is good info in there but I can hardly read that.

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10-15-04, 12:49 PM   #8  
don't forget if you buy a year end clearance vehichle it is a year old when you take it off the lot. if the 2005 model X's hit the street today and tomorrow you buy the last 2004 model X your car is viewed as a year old. when you trade in or sell in the future it could be worth spending a bit more to get a car that is viewed as a year newer.

case in point - if i see a 2000 for focus for sale today i think to myself it was bought in 1999 and it is now 5 years old.

also often newer vehicle have added gizmo's that may justify a higher price (up to the buyer).

don't get me wrong, in general i agree that a year end model can be a good deal as long as you get a steep discount..... if you drive it for a while resale price will not be impacted much.

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