2000 Chevy S-10


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2000 Chevy S-10

My son is looking at buying an S-10. It's a 2000, ext. a cab, 4.3 vortec with 82 thousand Kilometers, or 50K miles. I've never known anyone who has owned one. I thought I'd ask in here to see if there are any specific problems I should look for. It's loaded, not a 4x4. asking $12k Canadian. Thanks for takin' the time to look.
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S-10 Price

I have heard positive things about them; the only thing I would be sure to find out about is if it has been in any accidents or any problem with the oil pump. I remember quite a few hard problems, but that was a while back. But if it has 50,000 miles on it with no problems you should be safe. I got a standard price of $11,250 U.S. for a 2000 S-10 with a 4.3 V-6, LS Trim, Power Windows and Locks, and CD Player. So $12,000 U.S. seems like a fair price if the vehicle is in good shape.
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According to edmunds.com in my area a 2000 S10 should seel by a private party for about 7500-8500 US. That's rougly 10k-11.5k CD. If you're buying at a dealer $12k CD might be about average. From a private seller you should defanitly be able to do better.

a quick scan of this S10 forum shows that transmission problems are something to watch out for.
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Talking Don't Do It!!

What a peice of crap. granted the engine is great 4.3 liter. lots of get up and go power. However propeller shaft is something to be desired. This is a problem for the extended cab since it is a split shaft and the universal joints have no lube points. I just had to replace the constant velocity joint which consists of two u- joints (dual cardmen). This would be something that you would expect to have to do if the vehicle had over 100,000 miles however I had to do this when the truck had only 43,000. Just out of manufatures warrenty. I'll never buy another GM product again. I know that the original posting was sometime ago but I just wanted to vent.
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well, as a gm tech I am quite familiar with those...They have balljoint issues, oil cooler line leaks are quite common and they are a little tight inside. As far as the 4.3l, It is pretty poor on fuel, other than that there are not a lot of major problems, you'll find concerns with any vehicle.

just keep up on your maitenance and you should be fine...the price seems a little high to me, there are a lot of those trucks around so shop around a bit...

good luck

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