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Sport Suspension

I'm close to buying a 2004 Toyota Camry but I can't decide between the LE or SE model. The SE is the sport model and comes standard with a sport suspension. The horsepower between the LE and SE is the same except the SE has a few more "sporty" cosmetics and like I said, the sport suspension. What I would like to know is; does a sport suspension make a car safer or is it more of a liability. I know the ride might be a little rougher but is it worth it to spend the extra $$ to get the sport suspension?

Yes, I know, Camry's aren't known for being sporty but I need a car with space (the Corolla is too small for my liking) and a Celica is no good for me in winter. I don't plan on doing any racing with my new car and I don't plan on doing any towing or carring heavy loads.
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sport suspension

I'd be more inclined to go with the LE, unless your budget won't notice the difference. We've bought two new cars in the past two years and we looked at about 7 or 8 different models, some of them both times. I'd venture to say that 95% of the people, can't tell the difference about 95% of the time. Most of them time I couldn't tell the difference and I've had lots of high performance and sporty cars the past 40 years.

We don't really "race" these cars, although I've got a pretty heavy foot and we have some excellent twisty roads in our area. However, the time we spend driving on poorly maintained roads far outweighs the time we spend on the "fun" roads.

For most of us budget is a big concern in car purchases, not sure what the difference is at purchase (about $1500-$2,000 I'd guess), but the difference you'll realize at resale time is approximately ZERO.

Good luck

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Thanks for the response Frank. I guess the best thing to do is just take the SE out for a test drive and see what a sport suspension feels like. Since its not a true sports car, I don't suspect the ride will be that rough. Here's the main difference between the base 4 cylinder LE and the base 4 cylinder SE:

SE (base sport-4 cylinder) comes with:

-aluminum instrument panel
-fog lights
-rear spoiler
-leather wrapped gear shifter
-sport suspension

The above items add $1155 (CDN) to the price. I'm not the kind of person who throws around money but that seems quite resonable to me, even though most of it is just cosmetics.
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If you find driving in any way "fun", I would get the sport package. It should make the car ride less like a boat and will make it marginally safer since it should handle and respond better.
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Thanks for the responses. I decided to go with the Camry SE (sport). The ride might be tiny bit rougher but the gadgets are much cooler on the sport.
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Cool is good

Post a pic of your new car!

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