Don't laugh at my question, but this is really bugging me now


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Question Don't laugh at my question, but this is really bugging me now

Ok, about three months ago I saw a vehicle in Dallas that was newish, 2003 or 2004...or in fantastic condition. It had the halogen lights, big rear spoiler, four door passenger sport sedan...Lights climbed up the hood of the car like the Celica GT as I remember...

Ok, here is the big question...Does anyone know what kind of car this would be? Here is the other big thing about was the color pink. A very light color... pink pastel ...if there is such a think. Like the pink of an opal I guess. I have never seen that color before or since then. I know it is available, and not custom though. Did the Evolution Lancer come out with this color? Or some type of Nissan Maxima? I don't know. I have searched on line forever to find this car. It may be the Lancer but the lights looked more like the Lexus.

I was hoping by the color alone, someone would know who has came out recently with this new color. I think Chrysler had this color in the fifties on least some guy told me that, but didn't know the vehicle now. He saw it too.

Good grief. I am sorry to bother anyone, but please respond with a guess if is now driving me crazy to find out..ugh
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How can you be sure that was a factory color?
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Factory Color

Your right, I can't be sure. I guess I thought I knew someone, and don't. The person I knew has a co-worker with this car color. Yet, he didn't know what type of car it is etc. Now I am starting to wonder about the entire senerio...

thought it was the Lancer Evolution 2004..and in a factory color, but could be anything.
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okay now I can at least share the color with everyone

The color of the new car that I saw is almost exactly like the Chevrolet Bel Air 1957 color of Dusk Pearl.

Does that help? Any ideas?

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