What does this radio ad mean really?


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Question What does this radio ad mean really?

I heard on the radio an ad for Camry's on a Toyota lot were on sale for $11,888 2004 models only at this one dealer and only for two days. They said it was not a lease. Can they advertise this just to get ppl in the dealership and then tell you the car is yours for two years, and then you have to buy it if you want to keep it (by paying the other $11K)?

I had a salesman at another dealership tell me that is what the "catch" is about. I would have been furious if I had wasted my time going to this dealer and finding out that the ad was only partial truth.

Has anyone heard of this?
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Never heard of it, but it could be justified by calling it "creative financing". Sounds like a two year lease where you are financing your lease payments. I would use this as a sign telling you not to buy from this dealer, even if you pay more elsewhere.
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I agree

I agree with you about not trusting something "too good" to be true. I thought if they are selling them that cheap, buy two

joking, but it was in Dallas so anything is possible.

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