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Question new a car or SUV

I am looking for a vehicle to purchase. My 1995 Explorer is about to need a new motor. Hubby said he would put one in, but I don't think it is worth it since it is 1995 model. I am ready for something else, but nothing has impressed me at all. I didn't pick out the Explorer, and really did not like the fact I ended up with it. I want something very different then all the cookie cutters out there, and some flare like a rear spoiler, maybe a hood scoop, four door cars. 2001 or newer. I can finance $20K and put down about $5K or maybe up to $10K if the right car. I don't like cars low to the ground. Had Porsche 944 and hated the way it was so low...I am too old for that now. No kids though, so having a mid-life crisis car is what I am looking for at a price I can afford, max is $30K but would buy nice car even if it is 2001 for the look, and reliability. I have read websites after websites, someone tell me there is something out there that is "awesome".
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Originally Posted by Sweet1
someone tell me there is something out there that is "awesome".
2003 Nissan Maxima 6spd w/LSD.
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hoda nofal romano

jaquar is a good car and can be within the budget.

hoda nofal romano
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I woud look into a good/used Mercedes Benz C220, C230, C240 or even C280. These are really very good cars with "bullet proof" engines.
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We've got a 2002 Nissan Maxima and I agree with stereoguy, pretty good car although the styling of the 02 makes it kind of "cookie-cutter". We just didn't like the new style of the 03s. I wouldn't go with any of the Benz or Jaguar models though. You could probably pick up a nice Lexus sedan for the price you're discussing.


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