Car "totalled?" right after remanufacured engine installed

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Car "totalled?" right after remanufacured engine installed

My 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais had a (pretty expensive)remanufactured engine installed one year ago. A relative was just in an accident where he was "rear ended" by another driver at a stop sign, and he banged up his head. The Insurance company ended up sending us a check. They didn't want the car however. We still have the title. I am not exactly sure what to do with the car now; the body has been hit, but under the hood, the engine looks brand new.

The car was driven home from the accident, however the accident tore a hole somehow in a seam (weld?) in the trunk and the exhaust system was damaged so the car sounds like a firetruck. The back bumber is crushed in too.

Help! Suggestions?
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probably not alot you can do except maybe selling the car for parts. you could have the damage repaired to the point it is safe to drive and drive the vehicle however this option may not be feasable depending on how much damage was done to the vehicle in the accident, you may be able to use some used parts from a salvage yard to keep the cost down if you do decide to have it repaired.
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I would advertise it for sale indicating that it has a low-mileage reman'd engine. Likely someone will be interested in it for the motor even if everything else is trashed.
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Originally Posted by zokvus6
Help! Suggestions?
Edmunds says the private party value of your car is about $473.

My suggestion would be to not put new engines in 15 year old american family cars.
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Just advertise it as reman. motor with tranny for sale. Car totaled.Motor still in car can here run.

If this is by chance was the 240HP Quad Four (5speed tranny) i would have jumped on it for 1500 maybe more depending, a few years back when i had my 89 model.It was a C. Calais International series.They made three diff. Quad 4 motors that year the 240HP was a good one.That was one sweet running car,would smoke a Mustang 5.0. Anyway you need to no which engine it is incase some one wants to no.

Its all about how bad someone needs it.If your not needing the money right away start out asking a high price.Some times people will pay a lot for a motor figuring if your asking that much your sure its that good.

My step mother recently got a small fortune for her totaled 79 ford truck parted out.And i do mean TOTALED i wouldn't have give her more than 100 dollars for it and i had one in my driveway that needed some of the parts.There just wasn't much left and what was had with stood a very sudden stop!
She ran it for sale on the net.That made the difference,someone bought the bed for 400 and even paid shipping to there state. I could have bought one for 150 here.But not there i guess.
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Find a good U-pull-it junkyard and get all the parts you need there (preforably in the right color) and install yourself. You'd be amazed how easy it really is to do a bumper.
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Sale sale

Advertise on net and local newspaper park out by main road with big for sale sign, like another poster said with the right engine you may come into a fairly large windfall here. The old saying really does apply, one mans junk is another mans treasure. Good Luck

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