Buyer's Remorse:( Used car value


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Buyer's Remorse:( Used car value

Hello All,

I just bought a certified 2001 Ford Focus ZTS (36000 miles, automatic, 4D, power windows/locks, 4W ABS, leather interior, 4Cylinder, rear spoiler, etc.) from a Dealership in the Bay Area. I did a lot of research and also felt I bargained quite a bit. I finally paid 8900 (before taxes) which now I think is way too high The kelly blue book listed the Suggested retail price at $10,350. The carfax report was clean and the test drive was smooth.

I would greatly appreciate any opinions as to whether or not I paid too much(if yes, how by how much), although it would be depressing and nothing but crying over spilt milk.

Also, I would grealty appreciate any pointers on whether a quote for auto insurance of $400 for 6 months (complete coverage) which I got from an auto insurance agent is worth considering.

Thanks & Best Regards,

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Hello: JeffP7

My Opinion. SF area. Not a bad price. Dealers have to make some money or they could not stay in business or provide services. Lots of behind the scenes work and high overhead costs in a car dealership business.

Price paid for vehicle is selective to the individual buyer. If the vehicle is in good condition and purchased from a new car dealer whom also is selling used vehicles taken in on trades, they often keep on the best of trade ins.

Buyer remorse? There is none in CA. Well at least for now. That law may change and allow 3 days after purchase to return vehicle for another of equal or higher value. Such is not currently the case.

Enjoy that vehicle of your choice. Hope it runs well for many years to come.

Regards & Good Luck
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Thanks very much for that, I can breathe a little easier now

Best Regards,

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$800/year for full coverage auto insurance sounds real cheap to me. I pay mearly that much and don't have collosion and my car is only worth about $1000-$1200.
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Your price does not sound to far out of line, I picked up a certified preowned 2003 Taurus SES with 13k miles (full factory warranty plus extended warranty) up last month for my wife for $9,000.00 cash before taxes and a trade in of a beat up 94 Ford aspire w/160k and no AC LOL the aspire was valued at 300 bones. You can always get a bit better deal by paying cash but hey look at it this way ITS ONLY MONEY. Besides your escort and my Taurus will be basically worthless in about 9 or 10 years anyway due to depreciation, we both knew this was a big time loosing proposition when we bought into it right? I think your insurance quote is probably about average a lot of the cost depends upon drivers age/driving record and now actually a lot of companies are using the individuals credit score!! and of course the type of vehicle is also a big factor. I am paying about 600 bucks total every six months to insure 4 vehicles but I am kinda a old dude with kinda old cars and only two cars that carry full coverage and that is with a 1000 dollar deductible. I have not had a car payment in about ten years I highly recommend saving and paying cash for cars heck drive a beater untill you can pay cash for something nicer. My financial adviser tells me all the time "If you cannot pay cash for it, you cannot afford it" and he also says that "Being broke is normal" hmmm dang another thing he keeps bringing up is "Stop spending your money on depreciating assests because you will not win doing that" hmmm in one ear out the other I guess LOL have a good day and enjoy your money pit oh I mean car cause I am sure going to enjoy mine.

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