thinking of buying a salvaged car


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thinking of buying a salvaged car

I'm thinking of buying a salvaged BMW, but I want to know what people here have to say about it first. From what I was told, the car is a recovered theft vehicle with no visible damage (was just stolen, not crashed). However, the seller says that since the car was recovered without the keys, there has been no attempt to start the car. Could he be me? Wouldn't they try to start it before selling it at a dirt cheap price to me? I'm just looking for some thoughts.
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Normally I would say to steer clear of a salvage title vehicle. Enough people are leary of them that you'd have a hard time selling it down the line and some insurance companies will not cover them. In this case I'll make an exception RUN LIKE HECK AWAY FROM THIS DEAL.

Does it even make sense that they wouldn't even try to start it? The seller is an expert in the field and he's setting the price. Why do you think it's priced advantageously for YOU?

Run away.

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What's the year and model on the Bimmer? Mileage? Price?

You will have a hell of a time reselling a salvaged car when it comes time, so be prepared for that. I know from experience that BMWs can have some serious repair bills associated with them. You need to be very careful buying them. I've had several used ones, and don't think I'll ever get into a high mileage used one again.

Your other problem is the key. You may have a harder time than you think getting a new key for the car. And it will be more expensive than you think if the car is about a 95 or newer.
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I wonder why the car wasn't returned to the original it possible the person selling it is the one who stole it? Hmmmmm. Is there a title? I'd stay away from it....the cops may be looking for it and take it away, and you too, when they find it.

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