Opinions on Used Pick-ups?


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Opinions on Used Pick-ups?

I am considering purchasing a used pick-up truck. I have heard that Toyota's are good. I've also heard that there are no bad American pick-ups. I just want a small to medium sized pick-up: a Tacoma perhaps. No bigger than a Chevy 1500. I will be using it for a relatively short commute to work, hauling light yard waste. Four wheel drive not necessary.

ANy suggestions or thoughts?
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Tacoma is good

I have a Tacoma and I love it I have not had it long but I looked at all things like reliability,fuel use,insurance,Just go to google and type in diffrent pickups and see what people say about them.
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You will pay a premium for the Toyotas, but they are solid vehicles. We bought a Tundra this year - they are a little smaller than the american full sized rigs.

The best bang for your buck in a small truck is probably a Nissan. I've had very good luck with their cars, and their trucks should be reliable. If you're willing to pay the money, in general, the Toyotas will be more reliable. The only american truck I would consider is a fullsize Ford.

If you are concerned about gas mileage, get a 4 cylinder.

Personally I would never buy a new truck, since the point of a truck to me is to haul crap and run it offroad and generally not be nice to it. Who wants to pay extra to rough up a shiny new truck?

Post the price range/mileage you are looking at, and you'll get better info.
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Ignatius Reilly
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I'd recommend a used Toyota Tacoma. I foolishly sold one I loved about a year ago (manual transmission, 4 cyclinder, extended cab) and have been regretting it ever since. As soon as my pride (and wife) will let me I'm going to replace it.
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Originally Posted by Ignatius Reilly
I'd recommend a used Toyota Tacoma. I foolishly sold one I loved about a year ago (manual transmission, 4 cyclinder, extended cab) and have been regretting it ever since. As soon as my pride (and wife) will let me I'm going to replace it.
I hear ya, I made the same mistake, I had a tacoma 4x4 manual, 6 banger with the ext, cab. I loved that thing and I should have never traded it in.
I ended up trading it in for a Dodge 150 2x4, what a terd! But it was very cheap. When I do trade this one in, trust me I will be going to the toyota dealership.
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stereoguy is right. Toyota's are reliable vehicles, but you will pay for them. I would also go along with him and say Nissan's are some of the best/reliable/tough vehicles I've ever seen. My dad has owned 3 of them. None of them had under 200K miles on it, but they were all still going strong.

On another note, if hauling/towing capacity is part of your criteria, you might want to go with a full-size truck. You can also get a full size truck in a long wheel base (longer bed). I've owned a GMC 1500 for going on 8 years now as my primary driver. I've got 180K miles on it and have had zero problems out of it. I'm a GM fan tho.
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If you are looking at trucks 1-3 years old, it is actually cheaper and better to look for a brand new truck.
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Used truck

I would be looking for a nice 5 to 10 year old chevy 1500 with under 100k I have two of the 97 models, one with 263k regular cab/short bed w/305 (20 mpg) and one with 198k extended cab/short bed w/350 (17 mpg) fairly decent vehicles just put aside a few dollars (put the 1 or 2 thousand you saved by not buying a yota into a savings account) for repair, and you can pick up a fairly nice one for well under 5 grand. I do not buy into the toyota myth, they will break just like anything else, seems like the dealer service departments are just as cram packed as the domestics, keep good maintenance and you will drive for many many miles trouble free in a chevy truck. Besides at this point there is very little depreciation left to loose, keep the silly thing a few years and take good care of it and you can still get a good chunk of your money back.

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The quality of Chevy is just not near the quality level of Toyota. I have owned both so I know first hand. Until Chevy steps up the quality I will not touch them. Start paying attention to tow trucks as they drive by. Rarely do I ever see a Toyota being towed.
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That is not really a fair way to judge. Considering how many Chevy, Ford, and Dodge trucks that are sold in a year, compared to Toyota pickups.
Of course you will see more domestic ones roll by on tow trucks..it only makes sense. Oh..and what brand are the tow trucks? (Domestic probably. )
I have sold imports, and I have sold domestic. They ALL break. Some are cheaper to fix than others is all, or may have better warranties.
With a domestic, parts are normally less with used parts much easier to find, simply because of the number of them sold in the US. Imports feet TIGHTER especially when new, and normally will 10 years down the road as well.
But the best VALUE you will find is usually based on two things. Will YOU maintain it yourself, or hire it done? If you do it yourself, and keep the oil changed, etc..they will ALL last you a long time. If not, go with the brand that is easiest to get fixed in your area.
Around HERE, if it is an import and OUT of warranty, you will NORMALLY PAY approx 2 times the flat rates charged by domestic shops to work on them. If you live in an area with strong import sales, then the opposite may be true as well.
Look around you, and see what is available.
Good luck with what ever you choose.
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tow trucks

I think the reason the tow trucks are domestic is because yota does not make trucks with the capacity to tow Domestic trucks in the 3/4 /1 ton rating are a domestic standard.
However I must say I am a little concerned with GM having had several myself.
I did have a 89 Chevy C-2500 H/D version back then it was the 6cp package.Bought it brand spankin new in 89 what a truck I felt I could run over jap crap because this thing was big 8 foot bed big brakes you know a real mans truck.
Trouble started at 11 thousand miles my turbo-400 transmission puked something I think the pump Fixed under warranty.
Next both rear axle seals puked wasting my big brakes.then the abs brake light came on removed bulb (I was not worried because brakes still worked fine).Things I replaced were way too much from starters to radiatior.
And the straw that broke the camels back was when the paint started peeling off in sheets.
But when I was not fixing something or putting gas in it that big truck was great.
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Treat your self and go with nissan Titan 2004. See titantalk.com and witness how we love our trucks....
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I have owned two pick-ups and had good service from both of them. My first was a '73 Toyota which I kept for 21 years. I then bought a '94 Mazda B-4000 which I still drive. I have nearly 140,000 miles on it and do not have to add oil between changes. I think that care and regular service are more important to longevity than the brand of vehicle.

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