Volvo vs Subaru


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Talking Volvo vs Subaru

Any opinions on 1998 - 2000 Volvo station wagons, 2 wheel drive or 4 WD, V70, V70 XC? I've looked at several in the 65K miles to 77K miles range. These cars have a lot of creature comforts but appear to need a lot of TLC to keep them in service.

I've heard a few "horror" stories concerning AWD problems, and engine module failure that can only be repaired by dealer (for around $1200).

Is my thinking that a Subaru Legacy wagon, with a little less "luxury" and great reliabilty is the way to go?

Thanks for your input.
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I haven't been fan of Volvo since the days of the 122 series. The Subaru is a pretty bulletproof unit. Electronic modules are probably a dealer only item regardless of brand but you're probably less likely to replace one in a Subie than a Volvo. Although IIRC that "Volvo" is a rebadged Mitsubishi or some other Asian brand.

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On average, the Volvo will cost more to fix than the Subaru when it breaks. If you are prepared for that, and don't mind, then get the Volvo. Historically both are very reliable cars, and the Volvos you are looking at seem to be going for good prices lately. Don't know about Legacy prices, but they typically go for a highish price for a given year/mileage..

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