How to get car weight verified


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How to get car weight verified

Can someone tell me the easiest way of going about finding and verifying the true weight of a car?

When registering the car in NJ after moving from Maryland, DMV put the car in a heavier weight class b/c the MD title simply said <3,700 pounds. NJ typically would place this car (95 Chevy Geo Prism) in the <3,500 class but since they don't have the weight verified, they put it in a higher weight class resulting in $25 additional fees each year.

The tricky thing is this all started 3 years ago. At the time of registering this and my husband's car, a honda accord, this one had a much higher fee. When I asked why I was simply told it was a higher weight class. No further explanation. But now we got rid of this car and got a small suv for family/dog transport. As I am registering the SUV, I notice it is in a lower weight class than the Prism. Not possible. This is how I found out about the whole MD title business. The problem is, I no longer have the car or the title.


Thanks very much!
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Ordinarily, there is an official weight for a vehicle, compliments of the manufacturer's records. On the other hand, you could go to a public scale and have a certified weighing performed. Many large truck stops will have these.

Hope this helps.
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that is crap. I'd put money on there being zero Prisms that rolled off the assembly line weighing more than 3700lbs. I'd be suprised if they topped 3k. I'd call your DOL or DMV

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