91 Ford Aerostar


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Question 91 Ford Aerostar

The electronic speedometer cluster quit working on my 91 areostar. I checked the fuse and it is fine. Replaced it anyway. Still no luck. Any suggestions?
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Sometimes it's just the bulbs? Can you see the speedometer working in the day light hours?
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This post needs to be in the Auto Repair.

This post needs to be move to the auto repair.
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Speedometer Cluster

I have a 93 Ford Aerostar and had the same thing happen while the car was under extended warranty. It was replaced. I have added about 60,000 miles since it happened.

When I was driving the cluster would start to flash and I had no control over the speed of the car - it simply slowed down and I would work my way over to the side of the street/road. I also did all the normal things - checked fuse, checked wiring etc. Turning off the car and restarting it would fix it for weeks. Made numerous trip to the Ford dealership and they couldn't find a problem. Finally after about six months of fighting the thing, I happened to be close to the dealership when it did it and drove right in at 20 miles an hour, didn't turn it off and made the service techs look at it. They replaced it promptly.

I understand these things are rather expensive but you might be able to find one in a junk yard. I don't see many of these on the road anymore where I live.

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