used car lemon


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used car lemon

are there any leagal remedies to help with the purchase of a used car from a private individual. I bought a car and come to find out its not as nice as I thought it was it needs some engine work. I contacted the seller and he said I was on my own the car was sold as-is. what can I do
also if I try to take him to court where would it have to be? I live about 200 miles away from him. do I have to go back to where I bought the car and file in that court?
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bigjon460, Welcome to the DIY Forums.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, if you have nothing in writing stating that there is any kind of warranty you are on your own. Does the receipt say "AS IS" ?
Even if you bought it from a dealer, if it said as is, you have no recourse.
If you take him to court, it would probably have to be where you bought it. In MY opinion, you won't win. Sorry.
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there was no reciept I paid him with a cashiers check and he gave me a title
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Unfortunatly I'd say you're stuck with the car. The seller would not be required to do anythign further at this point, and you shouldn't expect him to. You're going to have to suck it up and deal with this car, and in the future be sure to have a reliable mechanic or savvy friend inspect the car before you buy it.

If you just don't want the car anymore, your best bet it probably to take a loss and trade it in on something else.

There are tons of great used cars out there, you just have to know what to look for.
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Did the seller decieve you as to the condition of the car?
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Moot point, jeff; he'd never be able to prove it. All of the laws I've ever heard of dealing with used cars, etc. referred to dealers and/or used car lots, not private individuals where caveat emptor is is the rule.
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If the seller outright lied saying it had a new engine, new tranny, never been wrecked and it had, something like that, and there was a witness, there might be a case, but yeah, i agree with you tow guy.....lifes tough lessons learned the hard way.

Post the problem in the auto repair forum and you'll get some help with the will save you some money if you can fix it yourself. If you have it fixed somwhere, try and get some good references to a reputable shop.

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