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Buying salvaged car?

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01-31-05, 03:24 PM   #1  
Buying salvaged car?

What are your opinions on buying a salvaged car? I'm looking for a very affordable car and it looks like the good deals are from salvaged cars. Any suggestions? Anyone have experience they'd like to share? Should I avoid them altogether?


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01-31-05, 05:28 PM   #2  
I'd avoid them like the plaque! Of course you don't know what caused the title to be listed as "salvage", but probably the seller will say "it was just a fender bender, but the airbags went off, so it has to be listed as salvaged". There are lots of horror stories about "aftermarket" airbags that aren't airbags at all.

With the lightweight materials that modern cars are made of they just can't take the stressing of a bad accident that an old "body on frame" vehicle could. Flooding can completely hose the electronics. And some insurance companies WILL NOT INSURE salvaged title cars.

I'm pretty active in a car site for a particular sports car that has a wide enthusiat following. The consensus on there regarding salvaged cars was that they were worth about 50% OF AN OTHERWISE comparable car. The only thing that has changed that is people who want to buy hulks to turn into cars specifically for the racetrack.

If you want a good, reliable, reasonable priced car look for a 4-7 year old Toyota Camry, Nissan Maxima/Altima or Honda. Can't go wrong there IMO.


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01-31-05, 07:46 PM   #3  
Avoid them altogether. slumlordfrank covered it pretty well. I would stay away if for no other reason that the resale will suck, and you will have a hard time unloading it when you go to sell.

If you are handy yourself and can fix someof the problems that will crop up, and you want to keep the car for 10+ years, and you don't spend more than say $5k on it, I would very hesitantly consider a savlage car. Otherwise stay away.

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02-03-05, 09:21 AM   #4  
Definitely avoid them. My sister bought a salvaged Honda Civic and had a bunch of problems. The last straw was when the transmission was on its way out at 80,000 miles. That is definitely not what you expect from a normally very reliable Honda.

Stick with Toyota or Honda - can't go wrong with them.

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04-06-05, 10:11 AM   #5  
don't listen to these guys goto to a junkyard find a 60's or 70's chevy with a good body and and build it

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