Handicap van


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Handicap van

I have a 1988 Ford Clubwagon with a handicap lift mounted in the back, 120,000 miles with rebuilt transmission and rebuilt engine. Good shape. We no longer have a use for it. What is the best way to dispose of it to get the most money. Please don't tell me t donate it and write it off my taxes. Thanks
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I agree about not donating it for a tax write-off. The laws changed this year and lots of people who don't check first will be very unhappy.
It all boils down to finding someone who needs or wants what you have. Use the Blue Book to get an idea of the vehicles worth and then add what the lift may add to that. Check with businesses that have a use for what you have. Good luck.
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Ok, so your not a humanitarian.
You would probably get the best money for it if you looked up some local shops in your area that install the lift kits. They are always open to buying a good used set up, and will normally do the uninstall as well.
Then sell the van by its self.
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Lots of them on the web here look at them and it can give you what they are going for.



Dont have it here right now But there is a www/ just about like diy here where you can post it for sale


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