Electric Vehicle Experiences?


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Electric Vehicle Experiences?

Does anyone here have any experience with Electric Vehicles? AC motors vs. DC motors? Problems/information/suggestions with types of batteries? Conversion experiences?

I'm really thinking hard about getting an EV....
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Not good. A friend owned one, a Bradley, gave up on it after the power control system kept burning out. GM's stopped leasing its california EVs and scrapped them. As far as I know the only ones now available are just oversized golf carts.
You might try a hybrid, but they are expensive, use a lot more gas than the EPA mileage figures, and you'll never make back the extra cost even with the $2000 tax credit.
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And when it's time to replace the batteries you better have deep pockets.
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Your first EV conversion?

If you are within towaway distance of Orange County, NY, you can get a free Chevy Sprint. EV Conversion kits are available.
You can have my Sprint if you are close enough and let me help you convert it.
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EV converter-wannabe.


I also am thinking about doing a conversion.
Did you find a forum for just this topic?

>>>AC motors vs. DC motors?

I saw one article that said regenerative braking
works with a DC motor only. That's what I am shopping for.

>>>Problems/information/suggestions with types of batteries?

>>>Conversion experiences?

Have seen a few web sites, one or two vague how-to's,
ordered the Brandt(?) book, awaiting its arrival.

PS I have one idea, don't know if it will be worth the pixels
it's written on....I am thinking I will steam clean the engine,
then take it to a mechanic (maybe my trusted one :-).....
and have them take out anything to do with gas.
Maybe I can find someone who would do it for the value,
or maybe for very small sum.
Might I'll leave the gas tank, the tank and the fuel
pump might be useful if I go hybrid. As long as I don't
find that I need the space.

Where are you?

Seth in Passaic, NJ
MAIL TOO: seth ATT pachai POINT net

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