Car maintenance cost?


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Car maintenance cost?

Hi, im just about to buy myself a car, and my choice stopped to a shorted list of available car at a local used car dealer that i really trust to give out pretty good condition car.

List: Cadillac Cattera 1998
Oldsmobile Alero 2002
Chrysler Sebring 2003
Hyundai Accent 2003
Ford Focus 2003

I would like to know either an estimated maintenance price for a year on those cars, or if someone can pin point me to another site so i can get these price out myself. I know there is two kind and completly different type of cars there, but some have comfort and some have a better fuel economy (not to say a lot cheaper too (around 3000 less)) But still, if i could afford the annual maintenance cost of a good little sedan like the cattera, i would appreciate it more than a smaller car. I thank everyone that will give me some good info and hope i will receive some answer fast
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To get any accurate estimate involves you calling your auto insurance company and getting insurance quotes on all of the mentioned vehicles.
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my bible is consumer reports

operating cost include more than insurance and repairs can be a major expense on a car more than a few years old.

pick up the april car buying edition and check out the reliability history for a few years prior models to the ones you are considering. They have a section for car testing which gives opinions, but like other maqazines, that is their opinions. The biggest value to me is the reliability lists which are based on actual owner experience.

Not only can you tell if a make and model has more problems than average, but you can zero in on items that historically have problems. for instance, if all the models years previous have had transmission problems, you can pretty much use that as a prediction. or, you can simply find a problem area and ask to see if a particular item has been replaced. (be sure to ask for the actualy repair invoices, not just a salesmen's verbal say.

By the way, it's pretty easy to see which cars are reliable and which are less so by the color code. look for all the red dots.

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