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Finding a stolen car?

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05-13-05, 03:38 AM   #1  
Finding a stolen car?

I wasn't sure what forum to put it in so I just put it here.

These is kinda of a weird question to ask but I'm just wondering. I had a really nice 63 ford falcon Red/white convertabe stolen form my house back in the late 80's. I did not have thieft insurance so I was out a car.

I go to alot of car shows nows, just say I was to come across this car now at maybe a show or even on ebay. The only thing I have to go by would be the VIN number.

I'm wondering what would happen if I was to say something to the new owner, I mean the car was reported stolen and it was my car.

Would I never find the car because who ever stole it changed the vin numbers? I can't see how they would beable to keep the same vin numbers and sell the car if the car was stolen. Wouldn't The department of transportation pick it up. How does that work?

I offen do wonder what would happen, being the car is becoming very rare. So when I do come across old falcons I do look to see if it is my old car. When it comes down to it, I guess I wouldn't even do anything espaically if it past hands to a new owner who maybe put alot of money into it.

The chances of these ever happening is so slim but I still just wonder. Most likely the car was chopped down for parts but who knows.

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05-13-05, 04:54 AM   #2  
The vehicle still belongs to you no matter how much someone spent to repair it. If found you would be under no obligation to pay for any improvements.

The only way you can claim your vehicle should you happen across it is through the police.
You need to have the original police file number handy so that when you call them the case can be looked up.
Don't say a word to the new "owner" or the car could then disappear.

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05-13-05, 08:14 AM   #3  
I would think, in addition to the police paperwork, you would need proof of ownership such as the title. Interesting scenario.

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05-14-05, 02:40 AM   #4  
Thanks for the info, and I do agree if I was to confront the car owner most likely they would disappear. But like I said it probable will never happen, I was just wondering who the car would belong to if I did come acreoss it. I guess there really couldn't be a statue of limitation on a stolen car. Because if it isn't mine who would it belong to, the state

I did see cases like these on court tv, where someone purchased a stolen car and put alot of money in it. A young kid bought a car ( old mustang) and drove it for 2 years before he found out it was stolen. He dropped a couple gran in it and it was in really nice condition. The judge kinda tried to get the original owner to give the kid a couple bucks for fixing it up but the original owner said no way. Ended up the judge asked the kid if he did enjoy driving the car, he said yes and he loved the car. The judge then asked the kid how many miles he drove it, I think he put like 20k on the car. Then the judge ended up making the kid feel like he leased the car for the time he had it and now it was time to give it back. The original owner got it back, end of story.

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05-24-05, 07:08 PM   #5  
I've got the same scenario, had a 62 vette stolen in Colorado.. I have the bill of sale, title, keys, police report, and an empty stomach every time I think about it.. it was taken back in '82... but, one of these days, I'm going to spot it somewhere, and someone is going to be in for a rude awakening..

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05-29-05, 02:34 AM   #6  
I hear you

If I was you, just for fun run a carfax on your vin number. It cost a couple bucks to do it yourself or if you know someone who works at a dealer, they could probable run one for you for free.

The chances of either one of us finding the cars is pretty much impossible. But you never know, someone may have sat on that car for a couple years , then decided to rig up a title and sell it. Someone told me about this carfax thing the other day, but come to think of it I don't even know if they would have them for the older cars.

Just something to think about.

I wonder if they have a web site for stolen cars that gives out the vins on these cars?

Good luck..........

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06-08-05, 08:57 PM   #7  
funny i should come across this thread...I found out a while back that my uncle sold my late grandmothers 86'monte carlo. he got half the money from the seller, and the seller was supposted to come back and give him the other half to get the title but never did (he did take the car with him though). So i asked him for the title and got it. BUt my problem is that my uncle never reported the car as being stolen, so I am stuck. should I go though the trouble of reporting it stolen and hoping that someday I can find it? I dont even know if we could get the car back since it's been such a long time since the "sale", (4-5 years). what should i do?

good thinking about the carfax report...but i dont even know if it would be worth it to check that.


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