confused over price - need suggestion - toyota corolla


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confused over price - need suggestion - toyota corolla

hi guys,

I was wondering if somebody can help me resolve my dilemma. One of my friends is leaving town and he wants me to buy his car. His is a

toyota Corolla 1993 model -- sedan 4d -- 108 k miles

He got the brakes and alternator replaced few months back . I offered him a price of 2100 dollars. Now all of a sudden I m a little confused if its a good deal. I am buying a car for the first time .. dont have much idea about what to look for .. checked a couple of sites ...

But still I would like to know if anybody has comments on the deal. I can give more details on the car if required.. please help me out
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Based on the little details you provided the price of $2100 sounds about right. Anything Toyota is a great choice for reliability. The Corolla is a good choice for a first time car buyer too. It is a nice small sedan and good on gas.

The biggest concern when buying a car from a private party is the maintenance and care they put into the car. It is very helpful that you are buying it from your friend. You should be able to assess him/her and have a good idea if they maintained the car well.
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Try looking at KBB or Edmunds. Probably is a good deal if the interior and body are OK.
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thanks for the response.
i tried KBB and the fair price for this car come to around 2150. But somebody told me that a good deal is like 200 dollars less then the KBB value.

And yes my friend he gave me the carfax report which he got 3 months back, it shows that it failed emmision test once in 2004, but then it passed when inspected again. Is that a matter of concern.

The interior and exterior looks of the car pretty good.
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Just my opinion, but if you like the car, buy it. What can you really get for 2K these days? What ever it is, it is going to need repairs, that is just the nature of the beast. No matter who you buy it from, or what you pay for it. Once a car hits 50-60K in mileage, it will start to break. If he has taken good care of it, nothing major should go wrong with it in the near future anyway. Just remember, if it DOES die, he didn't kill it. (Not worth losing a friend over a car.)
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thanks for the advice .... I understand what u r saying reaper... just a lill nervous buying my first car ... dont want it to be a complete mess ..

anybody with the car failing its emmision test once .. though the last one done which was done it passed... next week I m buying it
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Emmision problem might be a leakage of muffler or emmision pipe. you will pass if you put a duct tape on the leaking holes.

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