How much money should I pay?


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How much money should I pay?

I am 16 and am currently on my way to get a truck. I was wondering if anyone knows how much a 79 Ford F250 is. I have seen them for $800 to $2000. I want one in average condition and with no modifications(I plan on doing these myself).

I have looked on some sites for used car prices and it says the average price is $5000. I know this is probably not right but I may be wrong.
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Gruntwannabe, Welcome to the DIY Forums.
A 1979 vehicle is now considered an "antique" in most States. The word Antique translates to "Cha Ching" more bucks. If you are handy, check the junk yards for "almost complete" trucks. Then buy what you want or need to do the modifications you desire. best I can tell you. Good luck in your endeavor.
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generally you will pay more for a vehicle in better condition and you will likely spend 1500 - 2000 on a truck this old if it is mechanically sound and runs and drives ok and body is not rusted out to badly possibly even more if its 4 wheel drive.
as per modifications you may be able to find a better deal depending on what you plan on doing with the vehicle, if you are reffering to mechanical modifications you could get one that has a good body but may need engine work or other drivetrain work if its body modifications im sure there is plenty of 79 f250 out there that are mechanically still sound but is in major need of body work as they usually rusted out badly.
all though they are getting very old they are not highly desireable or collected and should not affect price unless the vehicle is in new or completly restored condition.
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Thanks for the replies.

I plan on putting a lift on it(4 or 6 inches) and getting new tires. I'm not sure what else to do. I guess it matters what I can find and how much money I have.

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