Is it a good Idea to lease a new car/truck...?


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kc robertson
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Is it a good Idea to lease a new car/truck...?

What are the pros and cons to leasing a new car - vs. buying one?

Any loopholes I should look out for?
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Start your research here:

Frankly I could never see the "pros". By the time you pay the up front fees and the payments you end up spending a lot of money for a vehicle that you don't own (unless you pony up a bunch more money) when the lease expires.
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I do This everday

Leasing gets you a nicer car or truck then a payment would. Monthly expense is less.
Good only if you can live within restrictions of miles and wear and tear.
If leasing a truck it can't be for work since you would get ripped at lease end for all excess wear and damage.
Never lease for less then 15,00 miles per year unless of course you know for a definate fact you drive far less.
You must be th kind of driver that keeps car clean and damage free so you can urn it in and walk away at lease end without writing a big fat check.

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