To sell '92 Chev Blazer - Fix first or sell as is?


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Exclamation To sell '92 Chev Blazer - Fix first or sell as is?


I have a '92 Chev Blazer that I have kept in excellent shape (still looks good), regular oil changes/maintenance, etc. I just had a safety check and was told that I have substantial oil leaks and will soon need the balljoints done (with an alignment afterwards). Lastly, they suggested I replace the front brake pads soon. In total, it approximates $800 of work, Canadian.

I've been advised to sell (from family members) due to the fact that it's getting older and will likely need much more repairs in the future. In the past year I've replaced the actual gas tank (leaking), the carborator, the heating core and the battery. Tires and everything else check out fine.

Would you suggest I fix the above repairs first and then sell, or do one of the repairs and sell, or no repairs at all and then sell? Although the last suggestion seems wrong to me, but was suggested by a neighbour. Do I need to be concerned about driving it at this time? Lastly, would anyone have an idea of how much I could possibly get for it Canadian? It has 144,000 km on it. Your suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you, Mimi
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Are you sure that there are ...

Substantial oil leaks? Sounds a bit like a mechanic on a fishing expedition.

Did you regularly have to add oil between changes?

Ball joints make sense and brake pads are always a good idea. says that a 92 Blazer with 100,000 Miles (140,000Km) is worth between $3000-$4000 US in a private sale or about $3700-4800 C.

Fix or not to fix? If it runs nicely, I would likely skip the repairs. You may want to tell you potential buyers about the issues. That way you are being honest and can let them make the call. If it is in good cosmetic shape, start at around $4800 and be prepared to discount by the cost of necessary repairs.

Get a second opinion on the leak if you haven't had a history of replacing oil between changes.

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I suggest you do not make the repairs
They will not add the "cost" of them to the price you can get
Keep the repairs in mind when you price your vehicle
Defintely get another estimate/assesment though

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