Buick vs. Mazda?


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Buick vs. Mazda?

For a car below $4,000, I am trying to chose between a Buick and Mazda

The Buick 95 Park Avenue Altra with 110K and good condition. Price is kind of good. It is $2,500

The Mazda 97 626 with 85K and good condition. Price is $4,200.

Do you think that the Mazda worth the higher price?

Also, what do you think about the reliability of the Buick? This issue is of particular concern to me.
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Of the two choices, the Park Ave is probably the better buy. Personally I would not pay over $4000 for an 8 yr old Mazda, but on the flip side the Buick, two years older and with 110k miles on it, will start to show it's age in a few years. My personal choice would be a Toyota Camry (I'm on my second one), but people like theirs so much and keep them for so long, that finding a good used one can be tough plus you'll pay a premium price.
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Got a 93 Century with the 3.3. 111,000 miles, maintain it religiously, runs like new. 2 alternators are the only thing to go bad, no other repairs and I love the car.
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The Buick will have the fun factor with a supercharger and the price sounds good. Room and comfort. Watch the brakes on it however. There's something in the Ultra's where the brakes (vacuum or something?) go to the floor when you first start it up cold. Not to talk you out of it but maybe get the brakes checked before buying. I've had both a Mazda 626 (turbo coupe) and a forced induction Buick (a.k.a. Grand National turbo). The Buick was more comfortable, reliable, reasonable mileage and I must say - wayyy faster.

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