American made pick-up?


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American made pick-up?

In 2000 I sold my pick-up and bought a Tahoe. The Tahoe has been great but I still have "pick-up withdrawl symptoms". So I'm in the market for a new truck.

I have test driven Ford, Dodge, GM, Toyota, and Nissan. I almost hate to admit it but I have fallen in love with the Nissan Titan. I'm one of those "Buy American" guys. Yeah I know - Toyota and Nissan are assembled in the USA. But the companies are still Japanese owned.

I have a friend at work who claims that he studied pick-up trucks and he found that the Nissan Titan has more parts made in the USA by Americans (and they are assembled in the USA) than the big three manufacturers. My GMC Serria was assembled in Canada and amost everything in it was made either in Mexico or South America.

Do any of you folks know anything about this?
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My 1992 Ford F-150 says " Assembled in St. Louis Missouri". The newspapers are saying more and more about the Big 3 moving their plants overseas. They get cheaper labor but I haven't seen a reduction in automotive prices in years. GM is going to cut 50,000 U.S. jobs to save money. Too bad the people here won't be able to afford any of the Big 3 vehicles since they aren't working.
I can already sense that this post will be moved to Chats and Whines.
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Big car makers are just like Wal-Mart,, yes Wal-Mart is american owned, employees local american people,,,,, but 90% of they sell is made in China etc.
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Those Titans are sure expensive!
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Titans use more gas then any other full size pick up on the market. Price is at the high end and replacement parts and service once out of warranty will break the bank.
Ford F150 or GMC Sierra or Chevrolet Silverado would be better bets.

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