Should I let potential buyer take car?


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Should I let potential buyer take car?

I am about to try to sell my Saturn Vue- but I have a few apprehensions. 1.) Should I let someone just take it to their mechanic if they are interested but want to have it checked? Doesn't seem to be a good idea to me- they could wreck it and I'd be SOL. Or they could just take off and not return.
2.) How do you handle payment? I financed through GMAC and still owe a few thousand on it. I can't afford to pay it off until I sell, so could I have a buyer make payment to GMAC, then have the title sent to buyer?

Thanks for your advice and time,

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Just my opinion but, I would not let anyone take my car until after they bought it. If they are worried maybe you could work out some type of warranty but thats odd on private sellers. The title will be in your name until it is paid off so it will still be your responsibility if something happens to it. The new owner could not get insurance on your car. You may want to talk to whoever is financing you for the car to work out legal issues. good luck.
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I Tell My Customers when thay are buying a car that if the seller will not alow the car to be seen by the mechanic of the buyers choise there may be somthing to hide. if you are conserend about them taking the car your self than make arangments with the buyer that you will bring it to the shop and wait or leave it if you feal ok doing that when the inspection is done you can than make the deal or take it home and than make the deal just remember the shop is working for and looking out for the best intrest of the buyer
it gives the buyer a more sence of mind when some one like there own mechanic thay feel thay can trust give them an opinion on the condition
of the vehicle.
as for payment all iwold take would be cash or certied check you will have to get gmac to release the leen on the car if you owe money on it thay will useuly do this when you make arangments for the new loan for the new car or after you pay them off thay will be able to give you a release letter

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