Buying a truck... is this a good deal?


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Buying a truck... is this a good deal?

OK, my truck has hit the fan, so to speak. I'm hoping I can trade it, but they might not want it... it's a 93 Ford f-150 XLT ext cab, 4.9L V8, manual, 190,000 miles, and it has a rod knock. I have debated fixing it, until I found this truck which seems like a really good deal.

Its a 2002 Ford f-150 XT Supercab, 4.2L V6 w/ manual trans, 104,000 miles for $7980. It's on sale, book value is $11,200 if I recall the sticker.

What questions should I ask about this truck, and do you think the little V6 will be big enough to pull my tiny camper? (Its an old 1972 14' pull behind) that we take out a few times each year, taking it 100 miles one way on some hilly roads. I'm hoping the V6 is enough, and I'm also hoping that it will get decent gas mileage! Anyone know what it gets for MPG?

So what do you think... good deal, or be skeptical? I'll probably be test driving it around noon tomarrow.
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Hiya sleeper...

Sounds like the price is right, if the blue book I checked is any indication. I don't know about the Ford v6, but my Jeep with a straight 6 (190hp) tows a 3500lb ski boat/trailer pretty well. I live in Colorado and have to deal with lots of steep terrain, which does cause it to "lug down" on some higher elevation roads. On the straight and level, it does very well, considering.

With that kind of mileage - I would check the brake discs (which you can usually see through the wheels) for scoring/wear, indicating the need for a new brake job. I would check the serpentine belt for cracking/checking. As it should be replaced around 50 - 60K, if it hasn't, it might indicate the type of preventative maintenance the vehicle has been through. With those miles, I might be concerned if the tranny was automatic.... I personally like a manual transmission for higher mileage vehicles - a clutch plate is reasonably priced replacement work.

While visiting the vehicle (I assume it's a private sale) - try to figure out where the vehicle is normally parked. Look for signs of stains on the concrete which would indicate leakage of vital fluids. Along those lines, get under the vehicle and check the underside of the engine/transmission for signs of fluid leaks.

I hope I sent this in time... I notice that you're probably testing it as I type.

Good luck!
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Have to comment on your current engine. I have a 92 Ford F150 with a 4.9 engine. Didn't know they upgraded it to an 8 cylinder. Mine is a straight 6. It hauls really good. I have had a commercial trailer with a tractor on it and had no problems. Did have to disengage the overdrive for hills.

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