Harborfreight utility trailer any good?


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Harborfreight utility trailer any good?

I am looking for a cheap utility trailer. 6x4 or 8x4. I only need it a few times a year. To haul dirt, stones, .... Not for business. Just for home use.
Nothing special but rugged. I don't need to haul an ATV or big lawnmower.
I don't want to spend more that $200 to $300. I would also like to get my hands on a used one, buy there seem to be almost no used ones in our area. Nothing on EBAY, Craigslist, paper, .....

Harborfreight and Northerntools have these red made in China foldable 8x4 trailers. I like the way you can store them so I could put them in my shed I have beside the driveway.
However they look pretty flimsy to me and I wonder if they are worth the money. How strong is the trailer with that folding mechanism and how good are the bearings?
Anybody has one of these?

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I have a trailer just like yours. I have had it for several years. When I used mine about 10 years ago, it was fine for light hauling. I would not try and haul anything over stated payload,like I did because you could blow out the tires, like I did! If you want to haul more payload then there are a several things you can do if you are handy. 1. 12" wheels/tires are readily available that fit these hubs, to replace the 10" ones (you can also salvage these, beause they are very common size hubs) 2. Remove the added hardware for used for folding & mount a full 3/4" sheet of plywood. 3.Weld some added steel reinforcement to stiffen and strengthen. 4. Beef up the tongue and add a 2" hitch receiver. It is possible to do all those things on a budget! I hope anything I have said here will help you. PS If you do not modify your trailer and keep payload weight below stated weights and do simple maintainance like grease up the hub bearings and keep hardware tight,you can enjoy your trailer for many years.
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Utility Trailer

I have built and used all kinds of trailer kits in the past, and currently use a trailer from http://www.sportutilitytrailers.com.

Overall it is a great trailer. I have not seen all of their models face to face, but the model they call 749TC is a very reliable trailer. I have hauled everything from dirt bikes to furniture and camping gear; I even took an 800 lbs upright piano on a road trip up the west coast. Good Fun!

If you are looking for a sturdy trailer the cheap red ones are not the way to go. Although the price may look enticing, I wouldn’t trust a couple of kayaks on those flimsy things.

Here is a link to the site which I bought my trailer from:


Although I did modify the stake sides a bit on my trailer, the ones that they offer in the kit are a good starting point.
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I bought a "harbor freight" trailer recently from a neighbor... and have used it to haul building materials, lawn equipment, yadda yadda yadda many, many times. I love it!! It's cheap - but serviceable for loads under 1000lbs.... and has paid for itself many times over in the past 12 months since i got it. The folding feature is cute - but I've never used it... cause I need the trailer often enough that it's not worth the effort to assemble/disassemble it.
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Originally Posted by tpilot01 View Post
I have built and used all kinds of trailer kits in the past, and currently use a trailer from http://www.sportutilitytrailers.com.
From what I can see these are exactly the same as the harborfreight trailers. Same u-profile steel contruction, same folding mechanism. They look exactly the same.
Just another color and twice the price. $500 is way to much for one not made in the USA. For this price I can get a real sturdy trailer from a local manufacturer. With a "real" axle and some industrial grade bearings.
Harborfreight normally sells them for around $250. With the 15% discount coupon they send out regulary you can get them for about $210 plus tax.

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I bought one of the HF foldable 4 x 8 trailers about 3 years ago and use it occasionally to haul stuff to the dump, move a few pieces of furniture, haul sheetrock from HD. It was around $300 with shipping but remember you still have to add plywood and sides. I used 3/4 inch PT plywood and made stake sides out of 2x3's. I keep it in a 2 car garage (with 2 cars) so the folding part was a must for me. Complaints? - the caster wheels for rolling it around when folded are really cheap. I had to replace them with better quality ones. Also, there isn't much in the way of corrosion resistance on the plated fittings, bolts, etc. You want to avoid using it in the rain... No tire or bearing problems though.

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HF folding trailer


Thanks for info. about the folding trailer. I'd been looking to buy one for the exact same (occasional) reasons.

Did your vehicle come with a hitch, or did you need to install? If installed, where did you buy your hitch? I have an old Camry, and it looks like I'll have to buy the hitch online from a company in CA.

Jay B.
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Hi Jay,

I did install a trailer hitch on my 2003 Subaru Forester. I got it through Subaru to make sure it fit properly. There were a lot of Camry's made so I suspect the one you buy online should be O.K.
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check junkyard for trailer hitch Ive bought a few there

also can check eBay I had a 93 camry and I got a hitch of eBay , as I recall it was around 35 , including shipping

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