1991 Ford festiva anyone?


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1991 Ford festiva anyone?

We have a '91 red Festiva with low mileage and are looking for a timing cover. If you can assist, please holler back!! Thanks a lot.
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try the dealer ,after market parts store or the auto wrecker
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Sorry, I'm looking for my son...After market parts store or auto wrecker is what--an online thing? Thanks.
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After market parts - equivalent parts produced by manufactures other than the "OEM" original equipment manufacturer (Ford, General Motors, ect.). It's a large industry with well known suppliers. Keyword web search: after market auto parts ford fesita.

Auto wrecker - automotive dismantler. Useable parts are reclaimed prior to crushing; then shredding and smelting the remainder in preparation for creating new steel products. Synonyms: Auto dismantler, Auto junk yard, Auto recycler, Auto wrecker.

One of the largest national chains of self-service dismantlers is owned by a well known steel corporation. In turn they own a steel mill in Oregon. They have drop off stations located in almost every state, and in British Columbia, (where you can sell your unwanted vehicle [an option to donating it]), but their self-service walk-in yards are located mostly in car states: Mid-West to Southern region, Texas, California, Oregon, and Washington.

Telephone book or web search: automotive dismantler. Add self service, if that's what you're looking for. Most require that you remove parts off yard vehicles youirself. Some stock parts.

For an additional fee most dismantlers will locate a particular part, if they don't have it in stock. You can do this yourself. Your options are a "live search" or a part request submission.

A live search, searches inventory of participating used parts dealers in real time. It's fast and simple. A potential drawback is shipping costs from a distant point. The cost of the part may offset shipping charges.

To locate web sites: auto parts live search real time.

A part request submission is similar to walking into a local used auto parts yard and asking them to search for the part. Your request is sent to dealers over the web. You may or may not receive responses.

To locate web sites: auto parts search request
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Wow! What a thorough answer!! Thank you verymuch
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You might surf around this site while you're on-line:

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Yes, he's been on that site. Thanks for replying!!

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