Sell a car with expired tag & no insurance?


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Sell a car with expired tag & no insurance?

Long story short: My brother-in-law left us a car to pay his bills. We have power of attorney to sell it. The problem is the tag expired and it has no insurance.

Someone is going to want to test drive this vehicle. What can we do?

BTW, the car is fairly clean and would fetch around 3k.
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My advice would be to get a 30 day tag and liability insurance or list it as is. Whatever you do don't let anyone talk you into putting a different tag on it for the test drive.
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Good advice, but it will depend on the state as to whether or not that's possible
In my state it's not
They could start it up, and drive it on personal property, but that's it
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only dealers can get temp tags here

how much is a tag ? 30 - 50 ? you may be able to get a refund on tag when the car sells . same with insusrance talk to your company add it to the policy then drop it when car sells .

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