buy used car or remodel old car


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buy used car or remodel old car

my father love his old car - 1980 mitsubishi lancer. my sisters and i are thinking of buying a used car for him this christmas. or maybe fix his old car that he really loves. needs paint. no headlights. no a/c. got to check breaks. and other stuffs. we cant seem to decide. we dont know how much it would cost the fix. we look forward to give our dad a good stuff this season.
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I don't think I would buy another car as a surprise. Car buying likes & dislikes can be very personal. If the car doesn't have any terminal illnesses (tranny going, overheating), I would opt for fixing the worst of the problems (brakes!).
You might talk to your favorite mechanic (get a referal from friends & family if you don't have a favorite) and get an estimate for the worst stuff.
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The car fix-up probably would be the most appreciated, since your Dad loves the car already, assuming that the expense is of no particular importance. Are you aware that a decent re-paint job will probably cost more than a Mitsu of that age will be worth?
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I know you want to surprise your dad, but I have seen too many 'bad' surprises over the years. I would talk to your dad and get his input or you may spend a lot of money and have him not be happy.
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Hadn't considered one othe angle that jmc made me think of: even though he "loves" the car, he could already be thinking of dumping it - so even the repirs might not be a good idea. Better feel him out pretty well before getting in too deep.

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