repair or sell?


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repair or sell?


I have a 96 Nissan 200SX. This week the rubber on the ball bearing of the AC compressor melted, leading to a domino effect of problems. The compressor needs replacing along with a belt and clutch. If not fixed, the alternator will break soon. Current repairs would be $ it worth it to fix it?

The driver's side keyhole also doesn't work and the odometer stopped a while ago. Could I get anything for my car at this point by selling it???
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My rule of thumb is usually I fix the car if there's only one thing wrong with it. If the body's in good shape, I'm willing to stick quite a bit into it, less when there's considerable rust. Once there are multiple things wrong, I'm likely to get rid of it. Most of the time, any car that runs is worth at least a few hundred bucks. Try to see what the book says.
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you probably can just get a shorter belt and just run your alternator off it, if you dont mind not having ac. if you cant get it on there without it spinning the compressor, just take the compressor out, and dont replace it, much cheaper than buying a new one. It is not necessary to run the car. that way you can get by with $10-$20 for the belt. Much cheaper than than replacing the compressor ( $200-$500)

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