want to buy...


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want to buy...

about to go look at a 97 f350 dump. What should I look for if considering to purchase??? thanks
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Take a good flashlight when you go. Look at all the usual items that you would in buying a used car for the family, but pay especially close attention to the high-dollar stuff that could really hit you hard on that type of vehicle if it fails after the purchase: Engine (with attention to the expensive accessories - radiator, ac system), clutch/tranny, brakes, rear end, hydraulic system for the dump, and the frame. Inspect the entire frame closely for cracks or evidence of cracks having been repaired. Unless they've gone to the trouble of steam cleaning everything (and/or hitting it with spray paint to make it look "newer") to make it look better maintained, a lot of what you should be looking for/at will be noticeable stuff that a visual inspection will tell you pretty fast if it is a P.O.S. or a fairly well-maintained unit.

Oh, just noticed where you are so, probably don't have to mention this, rust & corrosion.
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pretty much what I thought. Check for leaks or signs of leaks, steering/suspension, condition of anti-freeze, oil, tranny, brake, ps fluids. Thanks for quick reply, just wanted to know if there was anything to watch out for (common problems) with these trucks. I dont know anything about hydraulics so just make sure the seals arent leaking??? Thanks again.
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There are a lot of things that you have to know,but the first thing you have to consider is the price.I think the price comes up in mind first. I know about some web that you can get your cheap car...
repoautos.org you can check it out...

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