Cash car Question


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Cash car Question

If you had to purchase a vehicle, and only had $3,000 or under to spend. Only need it for highway mileage. What would you purchase?
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About an 8 or 10 year old Camry with a 4 cylinder.

I did a quick search on and got 52 hits on Camry's from 1995-2000 for $2500-3000. Some of them are pretty high mileage, but several were under 100k miles or in the low 100's.
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I agree w/ slickshift totally.
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I would go for a smaller, older honda or yota, preferably the latter. My good friend recently sold his older saturn, and he reported that it consistently ran about 27 on average around town (some city, some highway involved).
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I would go with a 1999 or 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis. Full size, rear wheel drive, without the overinflated price of some popular brands of imports. Highway milage should be around 27mpg. If you're going to spend long hours of highway driving, you might as well be comfortable. Properly maintained, it should run well past 200K miles.

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same here

I also would go for the Toyota Corolla or a Camry can not go wrong. Just check it out well first.

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