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Exclamation Warning

Just a warning to beware of sales calls from xxxxxxx.com. (an online auto trader company). They're a scam. They made promises to me that they would be able to sell my car within 2 weeks and didn't deliver on those promises.

The service claims that they'll sell my car at full retail value if I give them a $695 marketing fee + commission of the sale. They called me based on an ad to sell my used car I had placed in Craig's List. I did not reach out to them.

During the sales process, I was given just short of a guarantee that they'd be able to sell my car within several weeks.

My car is a 2000 Volkswagen in good condition. Not a cream-puff, but certainly something I could sell on Craig's List within a few weeks with some time and effort. I have realistic expectations on selling this car, but these guys sat on their rear-ends.

Four months passed by and I never heard from them once. No calls "just to check-in," no calls to recommend adjustments in the marketing strategy. Four months passed and NOW after I got in touch with them they're saying, "we can't sell it in its current condition. There are scratches, etc." Why am I hearing about this now? This is something they should've notified me of when they first looked at my car.

I had to call them and hound them. Only them did they make up excuses about why they couldn't sell it (it needs work, it's a tough car to sell, etc., etc.). If I hadn't contacted them, I guarantee that car would've sat on a lat for a year before anyone even remembered it was there. I have no doubt the car just sat on a lot with no attention that they claimed it would be given.

My real frustration isn't that they couldn't sell it...my frustration is in the fact that they promised they would just to get me to pay a marketing fee ($650). They made empty promises and had no real intention of keeping those promises, and only now (after I never heard from them) am I hearing they can't sell it.

Then they made up the excuses as to why they couldn't sell it. Why am I hearing about these supposedly reasons after they took my money??? They didn't do anything in helping me sell the car...and they've wasted my time.

Then when I decided I'm just going to sell it on my own, they won't refund the money claiming "the money's been put into marketing the car." Yuh right. Obviously their marketing hasn't done a thing. I have contacted them to just say, "Let's count our losses." I'm going to sell the car on my own. Just give me back my marketing fee. They won't do it.

They're a scam and made hollow promises just to get my money and to build up their database of "available" cars.

Be warned.

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first thing is for you to contact the B.B.B. in your area and the area where they are located, and then contact your state's attorney general with the same complaint that you gave us at diy.
there may be a web site in your location called angie's list that gives negitive points on customer service, as well a a local t.v. watch dog reporting bad service, tell them that you will bring all these guns to the fight if they do not comply with what you consider fair, if they do not satisfiy your complaint, it is time to bring it on, you may also have to take them to small claims court if they ignore you. never, ever, give anyone money up front to try to sell anything. use the for sale ads, car seller mags, etc.

ps if that car is on their lot get it ... off of there as fast as you can,
it can become missing, if not already, quickly. let us know how it goes, we are here to try and help.


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i dunno details but how can you prove it was their fault the car didn't sell ? hard one there....also why not try to sell it yourself in the first place ? an ad in the paper runs about $ 20, ebay charges $ 80 I think, and autotrader about $ 40.
there's a lot of factors involved besides general condition of car, mileage, popularity of model , and of course the asking price based on kelly blue book or edmunds , etc.
fact is car didn't sell and is hard to determine whose fault it was if anybody's at all.
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So whats your number so I can call you and sell your car for a commission.

lol, some people, lol
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