'77 Corvette Purchase


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'77 Corvette Purchase

I have the opportunity to purchase a '77 Vette for just under $4000.. I look at/driven the vehicle, little rough on the interior and needs minor body work. Started nicely, bit of lifter noise and the tranny clunked going into reverse. Beyond that the front end had a little play but all else seems exceptable. Anything else I should look at or beware of? Sure seems like a heck of a great price? Thanks
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You might want to do a compression test. Of the things you listed the tranny clunk might be worrisome but for $4000.......
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I have had 26 Corvettes of that vintage. You can buy one fully restored fro around 8-10 grand. That car will cost that much to fix. Buy one finished. You will be buried in that one
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i would if it ran great and no oil use or smoke or leakingm inspect careully, and pull the tranny dipstick and smell and closely look at the fluid on it, make sure it smells good and not burnt and is bright red and not crappy darker red and no foam in it either

see how the engine starts up, does it sttart right up no problem and run smooth,

doe sit shut right off immediately ? does it run on a little bit noticeably, not come to a very quick abrupt stop

if not then its got some miles on it, on the bearings and rings, lots of wear

the clunk could be a worn u joint, check them out for any slop in

good luck
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I agree with mrjbq

Run, don't walk away from this car.

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