Dealers License


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Dealers License

I live in the state of Ohio and was wondering if anyone can answer me as to how many vehicles can a person buy in a year without having a Auto Dealers License. I'm not sure I am not sure this is the right place or not for this question.

Thank you
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Don't know about Ohio, but down here in Florida the number is pretty low, like 5 or 6 as I recall.

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Thanks very much!
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I lived in Ohio until about 14 years ago. I never saw a limit and had friends that could only afford junkers so they sold quite often. Problem comes when you start making a profit. When the "Powers that be" cannot prove a profit, then they start looking at other things and can hassle you to no end. My Step-dad fixed TV's and made a small profit. It was a hobby, not a business. The local newspaper turned him in for having too many ads a year and he was told he needed a vendors license, so he quit fixing them. I really doubt if he made $100 a year doing this.

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