What does "E85 Ethanol" mean?


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What does "E85 Ethanol" mean?

I've been looking at various new cars and some of the 2007's are coming out with "E85 Ethanol" ready vehichles. This is suppose to be fuel that is 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. Is this suppose to be a little more economical? Is this fuel suppose to be in greater production in the near future? Is this fuel suppose to be made corn? Is it suppose to be as reliable as gasoline?
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The main thrust behind this is greenhouse emissions - because all of the greenhouse gases emitted by burning ethanol made from corn are then absorbed back by the next crop of growing corn. 100% ethanol is not safe, so there will probably always be some gas in it. I believe that production will increase in the coming years, but don't expect much dollar savings, as gas is still about the cheapest fuel to produce.
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The vehicle you refer to is classified by the EPA as a "flexible fuel vehicle", or FFV, which means it can run on both unleaded gasoline and a gasoline/biofuel blend - currently an 85/15 gasoline/ethanol blend.

I do not know the exact schedule established by Congress and now being implemented by the EPA, but at some point in the near future, all vehicles powered by gasoline and diesel will be required to be FFVs, capable of running on "biofuel" blends in some gradually increasing ratio.

Some states have already adopted even more agressive schedules, and will require fuel providers to supply blended fuels at levels necessary to meet demand.

If you decide to purchase an FFV, it will run just fine on straight gasoline. However, expect to get fewer miles per gallon when using E85 fuel. This is due to a slight reduction in the octane level of ethanol based fuels.

Best wishes.
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Thats right

85 percent ethnaol to 15 percent gas I have a 2000 ford flex fuel Taurus it has never had E85 in it. I can not find any E85 were I live.
It seems that they make the cars but that is only to satisfy the goverment and there tax brakes.
It guns good on just gas but I want some E85.
The diffreance in the car is the fuel system stainless steel lines ,reprogramed computer.and stanless fuel tank,also all O rings are teflon.And you get a nice sticker on the side FFV.
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Not available at all stations, but you can find E85 around here easily enough to drive on it exclusively, if you wish. Of course, they grow a lot of corn around here.
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What does "E85 Ethanol" mean?

As long as gasoline is the main fuel relied upon, ethanol will not be cheaper. Only a fool would sell something for less than what he can get for it. The per gallon price of ethanol will be lower because the mileage(mpg) is slightly less. That is why it is always cheaper. - supply and demand.

It is a fantastic fuel for the future!!!

The downside is the availability. The big auto companies advertise the compatibility in their commercials, but do not point out the current availability situation.

Last I heard, about 1/3 of the E85 stations in the U.S. were in Minnesota, followed by adjoining states. Some areas have no availability now. The people buying E85 are not saving much money, but they have vehicles that can use it in the future.

The more availability, the lower the price. Now, if they lowered the price, they could sell more than they could get.

If people eat more pork, there will not be any corn left for fuel!! (LOL)

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The down side

I just found out on CNN that it is a scam anyway by the goverment it takes 1 gallon of oil to produce one gallon of ethnaol so we are not getting away from oil use just diverting it.
Also hydrogen makes a good fuel and Honda is making a car with a unit you use at home the size of a outside air conditioner that will make it.However BMW beat them to the punch and will have a car next year.
Not only will this hydrogen making home machine be used to fill your Honda it can be used thruout the home.
I will keep my eye on this developing story.
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There was an article in c/r this past month that addressed the issue. It shed alot of light on the subject for me..........It looks like e-85 isn't anywhere near reaching it's potential because of economics. New e-85 fuels made over the next few years are supposed to be cheaper to produce & made from waste instead of the actual corn. For the time being, it looks like the auto manufacturers are using ffv to lower their taxes through govt. incentives.

They addressed the fuel use (most of it from the harvesting & transport of the crop) & it looks feasible if the crop is harvested for food----then waste is used for the ethanol. It would also help if the harvesting equipment ran off of ethanol............then oil consumption would be further reduced.

Personally, I think it's just the ground level of finding an alternative fuel ---- Who knows what the alternative will ultimately be............ Reminds me of when beta came out then was quickly replaced with vhs.

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