finding a vehicle


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finding a vehicle

What is the most efficient way to find a used car. Is there a place online or do you gyes just call up every dealership around you to see what is the best deal. Can you email them. Might be better to email cause if the dealership that has the car you want is located afar of you would need to see a picture. But I would need to test drive and have it checked over by a mechanic before I bought it. I live in a somewhat remote area so I will probably have to do alot of searching/calling around. any help? thanks.
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Folks where I live like to go to the little trader papers that you pick up at the grocery store or convenience store. You can also read classifieds in local newspapers. If wanting to buy from a used car dealer, walking up on the lot and checking out the prices is helpful to get an idea of pricing. You might also want to research Blue Book values on the used cars. You must also decide what type of car that you are in the market for. Right now fuel economy is a big issue.
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Cool finding a vehicle

Hi there, I have a friend that has bought 2 vehicles online in the past couple of years, but you have to becareful. She bought them outside of her state, but they were near her Dad, and he checked them out, and this last time, the first car, actually a Jeep Cheerokee, was a scam, and the guy jacked it up a bit, and whn her Dad called him back, he would not answer, they somehow had him checked out, and he has ripped many people off through the online sites. So be careful. She finally found another Jeep Cherokee and her Dad test drove it, and it was great, however it was at a used car dealership, she ended up giving the guy her credit card number and her Dad drove it home, and she flew home to pick it up, ends up it is a great truck. So I guess you just have to be careful
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here is a tip

Get a car fax on the history of the car you want if you get it at a dealer or car lot it is free.
The car fax will tell you the history of the car if it has been crashed,used as a rental,taxi,etc.
With so many flood damage cars out there I would advice this.
Also it will tell you of all owners and what state the car was in. This is important because cars from up North were they salt roads are much worse then cars like say Arizona as far as corrosion.

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