Warranty for Subaru S.W.


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Warranty for Subaru S.W.

First off, many thanks for the response to my previous post.

From a local CarMax, I plant to purchase a Subaru S.W. with relatively low-mileage very soon.

The sales representative suggested me to get 'warranty,' ...
two options are a $899 for one year and other for close to $1,500 for three years.

In the past, my family purchased two Toyotas with low-mileage from CarMax and there have been NO repair needed on both vehicles for the past five years, although they both purchased warranties on both.

However, it's a very first time to purchase 'Subaru S.W.' then wondering whether I should get a Warranty for this vehicle.

Your opinion and advice would be truly appreciated.
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As a general rule the extended warranties are big money makers for the people selling them; that's why they sell them. Which means they collect a lot more in premiums then they pay out in claims. Now even lenders are getting into the act; my brother recently purchased a used car and his credit union required him to decline, in writing, an extended warranty. Having said that, it's a crap shoot; if you blow the engine or transmission it'll pay for itself, otherwise it likely won't. I personally would not buy one, I would instead use the money for religiously applied preventive maintenance especially oil changes and tranny services. But on the other hand I would buy a Toyota, plus I'm capable of fixing nearly anything on my vehicles. You need to read the fine print on the warranty to see what EXACTLY is covered and what is NOT and how and where you obtain warranty service. You might also consider how long is the basic warranty. FWIW Consumer Reports rates the Suburus fairly highly; the only low marks are for "Body integrity" which is weather stripping, air and water leaks, wind noise, rattles and squeaks.

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