how to safely buy a car online?

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how to safely buy a car online?

we found this insane deal on a car, and its too far to go see. its is WAY under priced, almost too much which makes us a lil suspisous so we want to take every precaution.

is there someone you can hire to go look the car over etc.
how do you do a contract over the phone, and how is the paper work handled, etc

any information or experience you can share would be helpful.

also the car shows up in car fax as a convertable but the pictures are of a coupe. is that a big deal?
the s-10 we have now is listed as an extend cab but its regular (its a long bed) and we never had troubles with it.
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I'm sure you have heard the old saying "if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is" and I'm sure you have heard the caveat "let the buyer beware".

Remember them after you purchase the car.

If you go to this forums affiliate website, you can find many many situations where people have been scammed or at the very least very unhappy concerning internet auto purchases.
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Heed nap's advise.
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I have bought 3 cars off of EBAY. All 3 were good experiences. ALthough I do agree with the too good to be true theory that nap says...
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here is an update.

we looked into it some more. and we found out that the only feedback he had, was from a fellow who just happened to register his account on the same days as him. he had 0 feedback. so after seing that we decided to not get it for sure.

then a few hours later his account got suspended from ebay.

yes 10k under priced was too good to be true.
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I just recently bought a truck from ebay for a price that was below trade in value. It was my first time, and same as you I was a little hesitant. I did my homework, I had checked on the internet to see if I could find some dirt and had actually found that the were reputable. I checked feedback and found that they had good percentage of positives. If they are a first time seller which I may be soon, they should have an email address or phone number to contact them for questions you may have. Being that they are on ebay, the buyer has protection against fraud or misrepensation of sale and other features that protects buyers. You may that send the vehicle to a service center for an inspection which you are responsible for payment. It's best to have your financing in order to make an easier transaction. Remember, that the vehicles are being auctioned and if there's a no reserve (no minimum) the last bidder wins. Sellers have certain risks as well, for example, a buyer decides to pull out and not go through the deal. By taking the time of doing my homework, I've saved about between 4000 to 6000 dollars had I bought from a local dealership. Sellers should be courtious and answer your questions truthfully and help you anyway they can to assist you if your're interested in bidding. Anything less than that should raise a red flag and better to wait for another listing.
Also check for certain scams that has occurred of their website so that your'e able to identify and not be taken. If you don't feel right about the deal then by all means don't do it. You'll never benefit from a decision based from fear.

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