When trading in a vehicle...


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Question When trading in a vehicle...

does anyone ever get better than trade-in value? Someone said you can get somewhere better than trade in but not all the way to retail value if you play hard ball with the stealerships.
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The thing to keep in mind is that the dealer is going to make money on you - that's why they're there. The more they give you for your trade, the more they either have to charge you for the new car or for your trade when they sell it used. Should you get a "good" trade price, you probably paid more for your new car than you could have. If you ever get close to "retail" value, you should be suspicious. Bottom line is that you will come out best financially by informing the dealer you will not be trading (to negotiate the best price on the new one) and then sell your old car yourself (to maximize what you get for it because no one else has to make a profit on it).
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If you would rather trade than go the private sale route, here is a tip.
The dealer will probably show you the Kelly Blue Book price to show that you are getting a fair deal. Ask him to show you the NADA price. That is usually higher than Kelly and is what the dealer uses to show the buyer that they are getting a fair deal.
Both are available on line.
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Show up prepared

I'm no pro. One thing I've done was get a collection of trade-in values from Kelley's Blue Book, NADA guide, and Black Book that I've gotten from credit union. I printed all these from the internet. They are all going to be different figures, so what I did was take a realistic average and based those on my trade-in. They are going to always going to lowball you first.

The salesman thought he had something when he brought me a print out of my trade-in from kelley's blue book. It didn't look so good for him when I pulled out my print out from kelley's blue book and compared it with his. They had used false information to make the prices $800.00 lower than my sheet. He didn't know what to say then and that usually gets the manager in.

One rule that I am certain is true is don't discuss trade-in until you're final with price of the vehicle. My experiences are that they attempt to throw everything in at once to confuse you.

The manager started to ask me what I wanted for my trade-in and I had replied to him calmly that there's no need for me to discuss my trade-in when we haven't agreed on the price of the vehicle.

I have no sympathy for the salesman after catching them in every lie and bringing them up in negotiations.

You may want to try this or maybe not:

Bring all your information that have on that particular vehicle

Bring all your information about your trade-in from all different sources so that you can compare with theirs as well all information on their vehicle's value's.

Don't feel embarassed but rather empowered to carry around all your information with your notebook with notes and questions and your info folder. I bet they hate that . (so what)

Hopefully this helps you with your trade in information. Like I said I'm no pro but I've been burned in the past by not being prepared and not doing my homework. It's too expensive. Every time I walk they lose and I win. They make no money from me and I still have my money. A good deal should be a win win on both sides and if not it can cost you.

Remember that your trade-in is not going to be anything close to retail. They are going to pay only acv ( actual cash value) anything more will be smoke and mirrors. That's why you should get your vehicle purchase price done first so that they can't fool you by making you feel that they are doing you a favor which they're not. That's why research can save you money and the bs that they will try. Good Luck.....James....

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