Excessive mileage for a "new" car?


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Excessive mileage for a "new" car?

The car I wanted was not available on my dealer's car lot, so he located one and had it driven in from another dealer in the area. The car has over 200 miles on it. I told him that a car with that many miles on it is actually a used car, and might even be a "demonstrator." He claims that it is not uncommon for some new cars on delivery to have up to 300 miles on the odometer. I've already made the deal. Yeah, I know I should have waited until the car arrived. But he's a reputable dealer and I've bought new cars from him in the past.

I'm just wondering what you guys think about this. Do you think it has too many miles on it? Should I be calling my attorney?

Thanks in advance for all opinions and comments.
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Get over it. We're still talking about the first tank of gas. This is insignificant.
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I believe it's true that it is not uncommon for some new cars on delivery to have up to 300 miles on the odometer. I've bought 2 "new" cars in the last 13 years and they roughly had that amount of miles on them (or a little less). It is however great to get a "new" car w/not that many miles on it and like you said you could have waited for the car to arrive and/or have requested another car w/less miles, but that's past right? No reason for an attorney. Just IMO and I don't know the "laws" on what a "new" car really is.

Uh...so short answer...I personally don't think that's a lot of miles.

BTW: I'm sure on the papers you signed it told you the amount of miles on the car when bought and you signed for it and said ok so I don't think there'd be much you can do about it if you wanted to.

Probably not worth the amount you would be paying for an attorney either.
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I have only purchased a couple of new cars and have had a couple of new company trucks, all had less than 10 miles when I took possesion. I agree that 200-300 miles is no big deal but can understand your shock at it being more than a few miles.
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wouldnt be to concerned about it and more than likely most of those miles where put on when the vehicle was driven from another dealership to the one you purchased it at, its not uncommon to have to drive an 1 or 2 hours to pickup a vehicle once one is located that a customer wants.
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Having been a car salesman for a few years 300 miles is not a lot.
It is not unusual for cars to have that many miles just from being test driven and to get one from dealership that probably had test drive miles plus whatever it took to get to your dealership.
A car is considered new until it is titled no matter the miles because the factory warrenty takes effect from the mileage on the odometer plus 3 yr 36month or whatever.
Forget the attorney just enjoy the car.

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new car

I agree 200 miles is not a whole lot, but then again you are buying a new car right ? it shouldn't have more than 50 or so ?... I don't know but I'll share this with you :
2 years ago we bought a new silverado 2005, it had 4 miles on it when we took delivery of it, just last month I traded it for a new '07 silverado heavy duty , how many miles at delivery ? 6 ( six) .
so it feels good seeing that in the odometer and also nothing beats the new car smell.
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Is new the same as "just a bit used"?

I have never bought a new vehicle but I know if I did, I would want low mileage.
The break in of an engine etc is very important to a vehicle and I want to do the break in because it is my new car.
Who knows how that first 300 miles was done
3000 to 5000 RPM??
If the time comes that I buy a new car then I want to do the first 300 miles.
And its my thousands of dollars for that right.

I hear that as soon as a car is driven off the lot then it is worth thousands less. Well if its a car with 300 miles it should be worth less.

I would not buy a new chainsaw and cut 20 cord of wood with it and try to sell it as new.

I dont know but I think that if you should at least get everything documented and if there is any problem in the future because of the pistion rings not seating properly etc. then you have some ammo to fight with.

If I didnt like the mileage I would ask for another one.
But like I said, I never bought a new car so I dont know the routine.
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I buy a new vehicle every two years no matter what the mileage is on it. I have bought them with as low as 10 miles and as much as 500 miles on it. It does not matter. That break in stuff that Frankee talks about is very much out of date. In fact in the new vehicles if you do not run them fast at the very beginning they will never go fast. As far as breakin, my last car had 120,000 (2 1/2 years) and never did a thing to it except changed the oil every 5000 miles. Enjoy you new car don't complain.
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300 miles doesn't mean much. I'd take 500 without saying anything and at 1k I'd use it for some kind of minor concessions (free oil change, etc.). Over 1k is too much. He probably drove the car across the state to get it for you
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wouldnt worry about it..but i wouldnt of signed the papers first thou either...if you are unhappy about it...go back and nudge them a little prob get a free oil change or inspection out of it
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That's too many

I just bought a car not too long ago and I was very touchy about what mileage appeared on the car. For a car that is brand new, I do not expect more than 50 - 75 miles. If a dealer is too cheap to ship a car to themselves after you buy, then I would not trust their business. The question is, do you want to raise the dust over an extra 125 to 150 miles? For all intents and purposes, the car is new. Hope that helps
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not bad

Not to bad I got all my new cars and trucks with around 12 miles on them. But I would at least try to get something free from dealer like an oil change or tank of gas heck even some touchup paint.
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Get over it! You wanted them to locate a vehicle and they did. If you expected them to ship it, and not drive it, you would have paid more for it. Even if you do not see the charges documented you would have paid for it.
If you want to get a lawyer I say go for it. The lawyer will take your money, then it will come down to you signed for the vehicle and took delivery of it. I did not see you mentioned that you were forced to take delivery of it.
The thing about "break in" is out of date. The vehicle is under warranty which should start with the mileage that is on the odometer when you took delivery and you can expect a reliable vehicle without problems.
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Car mileage. I bought a new car and they drove it to my destination and it had 63 miles on it. Sometimes they will haul a new car on a trailer to not put miles on the vehicle.

I recently purchased a new Camry on the lot. I wanted it in another color. He checked and it was at port. He said it would have approximately 200 miles on it by the time it was received it I wanted it. I decided to get what I had and am happy.

Personally I would ask the dealer where he had it delivered from and how long it had been on their lot. He shoud know or be able to find out these details.
Usually a demo car has more miles on it. It may have been out for a lot of test drives though.
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