New (to me) car missing some things...


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New (to me) car missing some things...

I bought a car from a used dealership in August of 2006. At the time the car didn't have a functioning middle seatbelt and the emergency/hazard lights didn't work. The delaership fixed the problem, it took a month or two, but it got done. I recently noticed that the car didn't come with a spare tire. I am wondering if anyone here knows if that is legal. I heard selling a vehicle without all seatbelts being operational is illegal, I just want to know if that is the same for spares. Thanks!
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Not likely, although I confess I don't know for sure. I'm not even sure the inop middle seatbelt was illegal. Is there a licensed dealer out there who can give us the answer?

FWIW, in the future you might want to be a little more thorough in your pre-purchase examination of the vehicle.
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Where we are and I suspect in your area as well a spare tire is not a piece of required safety equipment like a mirror or brakelight.
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I don't see it being a legal requirement , check for a local "you pull it " junk yard .

my sons first car had a spare ,few months later he had a flat and the rim was wrong , bolt pattern was just slightly off . ever since then I check the spare on every used car i buy to be sure it actually fits
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Spare Tire

Most of the time cars come with a spare tire, but being a used car , no, I don't see why it would be illegal, check before you buy next time.
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Spare tires are usually an option on all new cars. If the option is not used there would be no spare. So it is not surprising a used car would not have one.

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