To Buy or Not to Buy ....VW Passat


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Cool To Buy or Not to Buy ....VW Passat

I have had a secret love affair with the VW Passat since the 2000 year model was unveiled. I am disappointed that they have changed the design so much that the 2006 model has lost it's bold German look and descended into the mundane curves of plain Japanese sedans.
My big question is whether I should purchase an older model....2000, purchase a later model...2005 or whether I should even get a Passat to begin with.
I have read reviews from several owners (especially V6 models) that have had nummerous mechanical problems ranging from vacuum hoses, electrical, premature rotor wear, and most notably oil sludging!
I am considering getting a four cylinder but I wanted some realistic advice about owning this car since I know VW's have great ratings...and was surprised that the Passat was not as highly rated. I want to buy a nice dependable car that will not threaten to pay my mechanic's entire mortgage after 50K miles! I am looking to buy something with less than 70K miles. Can anyone with knowledge of these cars give me an honest opinion about the performance of any VW Passat GLS 1.8 T for model years 2000 - 2005. I'd appreciate it very much. Also indicate if you know of any performance improvements for some of the problems associated with this car. If I can use a parallel my granpa once gave me...this is your chance to save me before I start a 'you can have both my kidneys, honey' type of love affair with the wrong girl!!
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VW's in general have higher than average repair costs, and higher than average repair frequency. So, personally, I would never buy a used one.

But somebody's got to pay for them - might as well be somebody that wants one as bad as you do.
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I can not speak up for the passat but it will for the Jetta, I know I should shut up since it is not the passat, but hell is the same VW house.

I love German car and Japanese cars, my brother bought a Jetta, brand new, (lease), I fell in love with the car and after a year I went to get mine as well. I returned my after 3 days, I figured I would have to pay too much for the car, Thanks God I did, after 47k miles my brother's started to give him some trouble, transmissions, electronics, sun roof, the exaust system, the catalyc converter, the power mirros, etc, the car was a wreck. his lease expired after 1 more year while the car gave him more problems.

He was so in love with the car after he returned it, he likes the style so much that in 05 he got another of those things, guess what, same case again, after 50k miles the car started acting up like the other one. Grant it, my brother keeps and maintain his cars with dealer ships at the intervals they tell you too and he does not abuse cars.

That been said, if you want a VW, get the old 1970 beatle, that is a reliable car, my mom had one of those, I think that thing still runing with someone in the family. One of the thing that I realized when I bought my Jetta was that was completely built and put together in Mexico and has part made up there as well (nothing wrong with that but if you want me to pay you for a german car, at least have the decence of building something over there to justify it), the only thing made in Germany was the engine, transmission was made in china, and some other parts, it actually says that on the sticker at the dealear ship floor, I guess by law they have to disclose that information.

Forgot to mention that maintenance is pretty expensive, more than average on those european cars, a BMW will be a better choice if I was you. If you looking a car for looks, well the passat can give you that as far as reliability or value obtain for the price you paid , I think you can do better with other cars.

Love VW, old generations, do not like the new stuff they are building, style is cool-reliability is an issue.
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I would only buy Volkswagen if I was a glutton for punishment, was friends with a really good mechanic.
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Yeah I have heard some crappy reports about Volkswagens lately specifically Passats
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